3 Replies to “Vintage Stewardesses”

  1. Amazing how Flight has changed from the 60’s to now.

    Pilots were treated like royalty, admired by all. The airline industry knew the hint of sex with a smile would sell, and capitalized on it like mad. Free food, free drinks. Wide seats, with plenty of leg room.

    Now, nobody even speaks to the pilot, who’s generally a crass, anti-social prick. You’re lucky to get a smile, and very likely to get yelled at, by an air hostess who passed her expiration date in 1974. There is no food, not even a snack, without paying for it. Drinks are minimum $5. Seats are packed tighter than the back of Jed Clampet’s truck.

    Wanna go to the South Pacific on a budget? Then you’ll end up flying with those arrogant, French bitches on Air Tahiti Nui…

    Hey … let’s start an airline …

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