Save Internet Radio

I have had an internet radio station for a few years on Live365. The diversity of music available to listen to for free online is incredible. The music industry thinks this is bad however. They have decided to drastically increase the fees charged to online radio. That’s online radio only. This will kill Internet radio. Of the hundreds of stations on Live365, probably 98% will vanish, including the Swank Pad and Vegas Vic’s Tiki Lounge. This sort of variety is what makes the Internet fantastic. No more streaming of on air radio either. It will all go away over night.

Check out the Live365 page about it and sign this petition.

Do it!

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  1. FYI: your “image stolen” pic is coming through the Bloglines newsfeed, so you may wish to either modify your .htaccess file to allow RSS aggregators to see your images, or modify your feed to remove the images.

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    Is there any way that you’ll repost the following albums? I would certainly appreciate your efforts. Thanks for a wonderful site.

    Henri Rene – Compulsion to Swing

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