George Paoa Trio Live! LP

This is one of many, many records I picked up at thrift stores over the years. Back in 2004 I ripped it to the computer, at least the first side. Recently I was making new mixes for the Hideaway and included their “Hasegawa General Store” and every time it comes around, I crank it up. I just love it. Something about the sounds of forks hitting plates in the background just endears it to me.

George passed away in 2000. I am not sure when this was released. Some evidence on the web indicates 1992, but I am thinking earlier.

So, enjoy the piano bar in Hawaii, done as well as anyone. Live from the Maui Hilton Hotel on the beach at Kaanapali in the Lokelani Room.

Download here before it goes away!

Hula records Stereo HS-539

UPDATE: “George Jr., entertains at The Royal Lahaina, Kaanapali every weekend.”

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  1. His son George Jr., entertains at The Royal Lahaina, Kaanapali ever weekend. Request the Hasagawa General Store and he will gladly play it!

  2. As a kid we would vacation at the Hilton every year through out the late 60’s & 70’s. George and his wife Pua were amazing. I would sit at the table with my parents and listen to George sing all the same songs every night. I would say the release date had to be early 1970″s. George was a wonderful man and an avid golfer. I played many times with him on the Royal Kaanapali courses. Pua would sing the most beautiful version of the Hawaiin wedding song when she joined the band.

  3. Is there any possibility you could repost this album again please? I don’t have any George Paoa in my collection.

    Mahalo nui loa Doug

  4. First met George in 1974 at the Peacock Lounge in Kaanapali, Maui in 1974. Purchased the cassette and George autographed it for me. Fifteen trips to Maui, and never once missed going to see him. Also have Strolling in Lahaina with George Paoa and George Paoa A Night at the Peacock. Listening to them brings back so many good memories…just wish they could be purchased on CD.

  5. I also had the pleasure of hearing George, his trio, and Pua, many times, at the Royal Lahaina, Peacock, and the Prince Hotel. I have most of his albums, and also the one CD that I know he made. I really miss him. It’s good to know his son is at the Royal Lahaina. Next time I’m on Maui, I’ll be sure to go!

  6. Thank- you so much…this is gold for the ears….I’m just starting my collection, and I feel like I’ve won the lottery. Mahalo!

  7. Everything about this record is perfect, right down to the fact that the George Paoa trio has four people in it. Thanks for posting it, it made my trip to the islands. We landed, got the rental car, plugged in the iPod, turned on George, and…instant Aloha.

    Loved the Honeymoon in Hawaii album, too.

  8. George Paoa paved the way for many young musicians who are still playing the old melodies today. His deep baritone voice along with his big smile that radiated Aloha was always the first thing that struck people when meeting him for the first time.
    Whenever he sat behind the piano and started to play it was almost like magic. You could feel yourself being swept away to another time, another place. It was a journey that you wished would never end.
    Yeah, I agree with everyone who loved to hear my Dad sing. Even today after so many years I can still hear his voice strong and full of life.

  9. My husband,Dick Bacon and I spent many hours at the Peacock lounge listening to George and Pua . Love those Hawaiian people. My husband passed away 7 yrs ago , after his death I spend my winters on Kauai with Samson Mahuiki. Sam played football for Kamehameha School. Sam was a Soph. when George was
    a Senior at Kamehameha School. Small world yea? If I make it to Maui, I for sure will look up George’s son at the Royal Lahaina. Hello to Pua…I love you.
    Kay Bacon

  10. So glad I found this site. I heard that George had passed away several years ago and I lost track of him over the years. I guess he played at the 4 seasons over on Lanai for a period. He was a wonderful human being, a friend and we played many rounds of golf together. The Peacock Rest. was fantastic in those days; remember those big back chairs and the rack of lamb but the best was George and his music. I got caught up in a divorce in the 80’s with kids in College so I didn’t visit Maui for several years. Maui has lost a great talent, a friend and wonderful man. I will miss him dearly. Thanks.

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