Swanky’s Tiki Pecha Kucha

Pecha Kucha is a worldwide series of presentation all with the same format: 20 images which each displaying for 20 seconds.

I decided to apply to do a presentation thinking it would be easy. I’ve done many presentations of various lengths.

I was wrong.

First, what was I going to present about? Cocktails? How I came to write my book? My book? The Mai-Kai? I struggled for weeks.

I finally decided on a simple presentation, the history of Tiki in America from pre-Prohibition to now. Sure. That’ll be easy to do in 6 minutes and 49 seconds.

So I struggled with that for a while and finally put this together. I’m not 100% happy with my brief history. My Tiki Ti slide was out of order, etc. But it was well received and many in the crowd told me they had no idea there was so much to the subject and they now wanted to dig deeper.

 (Buy my book).

See it by clicking here.

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