Crazy Al Creates New Mai-Kai Memories Series Molokai Maiden

Molokai Maiden Only the mastery of Crazy Al could recreate this amazing carving from the Mai-Kai.

The latest piece in the Mai-Kai Memories Series is the Molokai Maiden. An unreal smaller version of the iconic masthead in the Molokai Bar. It takes a 7 piece mold to get this beauty made!

To buy one of the Artist Proofs, go HERE or HERE.

To get on the list to own one of these for the future additions and show your support, email Al at maiden@tikimania.com.

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And the video is HERE.

To get on the list to own one of these, email Al at maiden@tikimania.com.

To make the cocktail for this excellent receptacle:

The Molokai Maiden

  • 1/2 oz fresh lime juice
  • 1 oz fresh orange juice
  • 1 oz soda water
  • 1/2 oz simple syrup
  • 1 oz Brandy (She was a fine girl.)
  • 1 oz Vodka
  • 1 oz. Dark Puerto Rican Rum
  • dash bitters and a drop of orgeat or almond extract.

Shake or blend with crushed ice and pour into your Molokai Maiden mug with more crushed ice to fill.




Hawaii Kai – Goddess of Love – Skull Mug

I’ve always loved this mug. Such a nice sentiment to have “Goddess of Love” tattooed across the top of a skull mug. A wonderful image for a drink. The Hawaii Kai is a legendary tiki bar from New York, best known as the location of Joe Pesci’s famous “Do I amuse you” scene in Goodfellas. I was very pleased to add this one to my collection.

Mug Shot #2 – Aku Aku Surfer Girl Bowl

I bought mine a long time ago, before the prices went crazy. The one that just sold on Ebay has much better paint than mine. They were lazy and left off her lei and flower and the black outline on the fish. But mine is made better in terms of the seam.


Mug Shot #1 – Ren Clark Severed Head Tribute

Part one in a series that may or may not continue:

Severed head by NOTCH

This is the Ren Clark’s Severed Head tribute mug by NOTCH. There are not many mugs out there cold painted like this. The vast majority are a single color due to cost. This is a fantastic mug, and an experiment in my photographic endeavors.

Maryland Tiki washed ashore in TN again

Monday, our avid junkin’ friend brought us two vintage mugs from thrift stores. They are both green mugs from the “Luau Hut” in Silver Springs, Maryland.

Luau Hut KuThe first is a Ku, OMC mug, which is the same design used by the “Hawaiian Inn” in Daytona and others.

Luau Hut hulaLuau Hut hula closeThe second is very unique. The full figure hula dancer is rather unusual, but her large breasts with nipples exposed is truly rare. I can’t recall seeing nipples on any other mugs. Nice.

This is the second and third mug found in Knoxville thrift stores from Maryland tiki bars. The other was from the Emerson Hotel’s “Hawaiian Room.” Makes me wonder if they all came from the same person.