Maryland Tiki washed ashore in TN again

Monday, our avid junkin’ friend brought us two vintage mugs from thrift stores. They are both green mugs from the “Luau Hut” in Silver Springs, Maryland.

Luau Hut KuThe first is a Ku, OMC mug, which is the same design used by the “Hawaiian Inn” in Daytona and others.

Luau Hut hulaLuau Hut hula closeThe second is very unique. The full figure hula dancer is rather unusual, but her large breasts with nipples exposed is truly rare. I can’t recall seeing nipples on any other mugs. Nice.

This is the second and third mug found in Knoxville thrift stores from Maryland tiki bars. The other was from the Emerson Hotel’s “Hawaiian Room.” Makes me wonder if they all came from the same person.

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  1. I found my own Luau Hut Ku at a local thrift store here in Tucson. It\’s one of my favorite mugs, as the design is really well defined.

    That second one is great, and would make a terrific addition to any collection. Like you said, all the ones I\’ve seen are a bit more modest ;-)


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