The Long Straw

If you have ever enjoyed a Mystery Bowl at the Mai Kai, or Volcano Bowl at other tiki establishments, you know that you must have a really long straw to both participate and not catch your hair on fire. In preparing for the luau at the Swank Pad next month, I began searching for extra long straws online. I found some at Dynasty Wholesale, but their website left me wondering if I could order or not. I searched around and found other places, but they had minimum order amounts and everything else they sold was crap. Then I thought “Ebay!” Yes, the source of everything had a seller of 500 20 inch straws for $9.99! Good deal!

Now my guests won’t have to worry about catching on fire and we can drink of a communal bowl. The lushes can even steal sips of their neighbor’s cocktails.

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  1. Excellent!!!

    I’ve been looking all over for these things. I actually found a pack at a store here in Greenville once, but they turned out to be quite thick and made of a hard plastic, so I didn’t get ’em.

    Now I can serve drinks from a bowl without requiring that people stare straight down into the thing whenever they take a sip!

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