Coon Tiki for 2007

Tiki Lee maskMy tiki carving seminar this year was a bigger success than I hoped, judging by the response from the participants. “Tiki Lee’s” posted his finished project recently. It turned out great.

Aaron's MaskSo did Aaron’s version.

This summer has been a busy one for me, so I have not planned on doing another class this year, though that may change. But I did start planning for next year. I asked Bob and Leroy at Oceanic Arts to teach a class. I was very excited when they didn’t say ‘no’ right away. But, today they said they just felt it wasn’t something they would be able to make the time for.

I’ll start looking around for another carver or two to head up the future Coon Tiki classes. Benzart is always a first choice.

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