Dusk til Dawn!

Drive In No, not the Quinten Tarantino movie, the all nighter at the Drive-In movie! A real treat from the past that is much as I recall it from my own childhood. We in East Tennessee are fortunate to have a few active Drive Ins.

ParkwayThe Parkway is where we are headed this weekend for chilli dogs and watching on lawn chairs under blankets and maybe sneaking in a little rum to mix with the coke to knock off any chill in the air. More about this after the fact.

Update: This was not as fun as it was before. It seems that a number of people decided that the times between flicks were when you crank up your own tunes for everyone to enjoy. Loud metal and hip-hop are A) not what I want to hear and 2) not fun played loudly simultaneously.

The highlight of the adventure was the guys in the car to our left. They had fired up a little wacky weed at some point and they cranked up some Metalica too. It’s funny how the loud music makes you talk really loud to hear each other, but those nearby hear every word you say very clearly. So, we’re in the middle of the movie and the guy says “that’s straight out of the book!” And, “if they show the part where he gets arrested, that’s from the book.” “That’s in the book!” Not an uncommon thing to hear in movies based on books. But, this was “Curious George.” 

And I was really looking forward to the chilli dogs, but what I got was a big fat hot dog with meaty chilli that had beans in it. I wanted the little skinny dog and the chilli “sauce” I had come to expect from a concession stand. I didn’t want quality!

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