Vintage Hawaii Slide of the Week

couple small

Here is our ecstatic vacationing couple having the time of their lives. He is letting his hair down and wearing that crazy shirt neatly tucked  in his  pants. I’ve seen a lot of these types of pictures and they never cease to amuse me. This is part of a set of maybe 75 slides. Lots of scenery and a good number of old people having fun like this one above. But, there in the middle of the set is a slide that is completely out of place. It just caught me off guard. This image below was likely Grandpa’s highlight of the 1974 trip to Hawaii…

gal small

Go Grandpa! Love the tan lines! Makes me wonder. Did he dare to snap this and deal with it when they got home and she saw it? That pose! Just what are the circumstances that led to this single picture of the hot young gal???

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