Better Homes and Gardens Entertainment Guide 1969

This classic was recently reprinted. Get it HERE.


A recent find by Ms. Swanky. Well, let’s say this is your living room. You decided to carpet the place with a thick thirsty yellow towel, and you need to plan a party. And the monster that inhabits the yellow pillow on the couch isn’t helping.


Ah, here you are in your humble abode.

You know how to serve up a traditional meal.


Complete with shotglass full of smokes.


And you have a great new room to show off. So the very best thing you can do is invite Victor Bergeron over and throw a luau…


That’s ol’ Trader Vic.

Note on the Polynesian party: “…the exotic decorations are easily obtained and emulated…”

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  1. mmm the traditional meal setting makes me all want to listen to mancini christmas tunes.

    btw i’ma gonna be ripping my family’s christmas albums this month, i’ll keep ya informed. perry como, ella fitzgerald, john davidson, the carpenters… the WORKS…

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