7 Replies to “Henri Rene – The Swinging 59”

  1. Hi dear,
    i am listening to your beautiful Henri Rene vinyl and i’m smiling so much. What a great music! I only wanted to know if you have a cover scan or picture and the year of recording.
    thanks very very much!

  2. Your taste in music is excellent. I am also a big Henri Rene fan. Could you repost “COMPULSION TO SWING”? Rappidshare cannot find the file.

  3. Enjoyed the Swingin’ 59. I had the LP at one time, but lost it and many others. Thanks so much.

  4. A fabulous job of digitizing, The Swingin’ 59 is fabulous. Thanks for allowing me to replace a lost LP.

  5. Oh darn, I’ve missed this wonderful henri rene share of yours; any chance of a re-post?


    lovely site thanks

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