Cuba from Space

I have a fascination with Cuba. There was a time when it was the vacation hot spot. And that time is one I love. So, in 1959, Cuba sort of stopped in time. It went from a beautiful hot spot to a defunct place. The old buildings deteriorated, but hold some magic. The old cars keep roving the streets in new incarnations. The great music keeps trickling out. I would love to visit Cuba before it someday becomes open again and it loses that weird glory.

And so while wandering the Internet and thinking about such things, I trained my Google Maps on Cuba and expected to see nothing. “Forbidden” But I was surprised to see detailed satellite images. I wandered down some coast and saved these links to interesting areas. Take a look and if you feel the urge, post links to your own discoveries in Cuba.

Flame Buildings

Circular Tunnel entrance Zoom out a bit to see the exit on the other side of the inlet.

Pentagram property


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