Grogalizer – Tiki Drink Mixer’s Best Friend

That, and a gift card to the liquor store…


I created the Grogalizer a few years ago because I was tired of spending lots of time thumbing through the Beachbum Berry books looking for a recipe I could make with what I had on hand.

It was a goal to make every tiki drink recipe in that book. So I had long been going through and marking a grade in the corner of each page as I made it. The Grogalizer simplified all that. You just select the ingredients you have in your bar and it tells you which tropical drinks you can make. Then you can grade them and add your comments. You can see the average vote for the drink given by everyone and see their suggestions as well. A new feature allows you to see your graded recipes from best to worst.

I use the site all the time and as I find a need, I create a solution there.

I assumed everyone already knew about this site, but, just to be sure, I am sending out this post. If you are making the recipes in these book, you need to use the site. Or, one day when you catch the mixology bug, you’ll need it then.

And if you don’t have them yet, you need to buy The Grog Log, Intoxica and Taboo Table. The new one is coming out and you are behind!

4 Replies to “Grogalizer – Tiki Drink Mixer’s Best Friend”

  1. I used it just this past Saturday (and probably will again tomorrow) to remind myself just how much I enjoy the Hawaii Kai Treasure (pg. 39, Grog Log)!

    It is an Invaluable Resource (as are the books that it references).

  2. I plan to, but no. Between going on a low carb diet for the last few months (i.e. very few cocktails for me…) and being busy on other projects, I just have not sat down and typed up the Safari entries. I am getting many requests though. I’ll try to get it done in the new year.

    Okole Maluna!

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