OXO Mini Measuring Cup

oxo.jpgMs Swanky got me the larger cup version of this item for Christmas. It is made so that you can read the measurements from the top, rather than having to squat down and peek at it from the side. I later discovered they make a small version which is marked in 1/2 ounces. This is ideal for mixing drinks.

I highly recommend you click here and get yourself one.

2 Replies to “OXO Mini Measuring Cup”

  1. Aren’t those the best? I’ve got a bunch of them, I use them all the time. It makes it so much easier to feel confident when pouring out really small quantities, and it’s a lot quicker, too. Listen to Swanky, get some!

  2. If your mixing area is anything like mine, and knowing Humuhumu’s feelings about proper tiki bar lighting, I am quite sure they are, trying to see how much white rum is in my metal jigger is nearly impossible. You can’t turn up the lights. I often wind up being very slow or just over flowing the jigger. This solves the problem completely. You can pour with speed and confidence!

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