7 Replies to “Kahiki Skull Mug Number 2”

  1. Sweet! I have zero skull mugs, not for lack of trying though. I found several in LA last year, but they were all going for $60 and up. I don’t want one that badly.

  2. wow, i dig the accent glaze ~ very gruesome.

    i never actively seeked (sook?) skull mugs, but a couple cool ones have come my way. the one i love the most is actually from the pirate’s house in savannah. i’ll have to post an image at some point, the finish is really detailied, more like porcelain art than a mug.

  3. I found one of these for… $7.00-10.00 at an antique store in Columbus (Clintonville, for those who know the area) a couple of months ago. They’re neat pieces… but of course, $.25 would have been better.

  4. My friend Angela and I found a Kahiki skull mug at a thrift store here in Winnipeg Canada a couple of weeks ago. Lovely mug….too bad my dad broke it today by being clumsy. SMASHED!! R.I.P Kahiki skull mug =(

  5. A friend just gave me one of these today. Not sure if it was red at one time, but the markings on the bottom are the same. Still has the “made in Taiwan” sticker on the bottom. Any idea what it’s worth? I love skulls and skeletons, that’s why she gave it to me

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