More Proof…

New tiki collectors are hosed. I am torn. Do we want to try to educate people, or do we let them learn their lessons the hard way? This example ends in 11 hours:

Mai Kai tiki statues

A) These are Dollar Tree tikis. $3 here

B) They suck

C) They really suck because I bought a set myself and they are all broken in pieces now. If they so much as fall over, they break.

D) They are not from the Mai Kai.

E) They are plastic

Right now there are 7 bids and they are up to $20. Man. I have actual vinatge items that would probably not get this kind of action!

UPDATE: The $1 each tikis went for $35! This vintage Mai Kai rum barrel only fetched $40. WTF!

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  1. Swank,

    I hear you man, there is some crazy buying going on out there. I picked up some nice bargains lately, will email you some pics.


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