Nylon Jungle 1966 Tikis and Tatas

Warning, NSFW.

The 1966 issue of Nylon Jungle.

I have been looking for this for years. Nice tiki, nice, um, gal.


This carving must be in the photographer’s home. This is all we get to see. A random prop. If this was a recent picture, I’d be included to say those are too perfect. They must be fake. I know they had boob jobs in the 60s. Regardless, that’s a pleasing set.


The magazine is full of that odd fetish for stockings, feet and rather oddly, girls in dirty white sneakers and stockings.

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3 Replies to “Nylon Jungle 1966 Tikis and Tatas”

  1. i think i bought every issue of this mag ever printed.and probably jacked off to every page.i am 62 and i would do it again.
    it was great early porn done in the best taste ever.”IT WAS TOPS”
    bob sheaffer

  2. I remembered the name of the magazine just “out of the blue” and wish I was modeling those nylons and lingerie for the public or men in general.


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