Wherefore art thou time?

I really hate when bloggers post about not blogging, so, I thought I’d post about why I’m not blogging!

It’s crunch time. I am struggling under a pile of some 2,000 images that I have taken and must process to create the tiki calendar. All my free time is now being consumed by cropping, adjusting, and categorizing images. I need to get everything organized so that we can begin the process of actually making the calendar images and the website, etc.

And I just got in a shipment of large puffer fish and each one of these that gets ordered takes about 2 hours to prepare.

And so, right now I don’t have those lazy weekends in which I scan stuff and share it. Well, actually, I am going to be sharing my work in a few months in the form of the calendar. So, just wait!

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  1. Swankster: I hope the calendar is going well. I feel like a heel for bailing on you, but I’m sure you’ll do a fab job without me.

    P.S. I saw the ruins of a tiki motor court on the beach in Pennsacola. No artifacts left though.

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