Crushed Ice Made Easy: Redux

I brought up getting bags of crushed ice before in preparation for a luau. Crushed ice is as much a part of a proper tropical cocktail as fresh mint and rum. But when you are mixing for 40, it’s hard to get that much proper ice.

I found a new solution. Sonic Drive-Ins. They are not in all the country, but they are pretty widespread. And that fine ice they use for their drinks is available by the bag. That is a great solution.

One Reply to “Crushed Ice Made Easy: Redux”

  1. That’s Brilliant!!! Yes!!!

    The latest groceries opened in this area don’t even have crushed ice!

    I own a couple of Vintage Royal Ice-O-Matics, but it would take Two Days worth of Ice Crushin’ to fill a bag that Sonic could fill in 10 minutes!


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