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  1. hi- iwas at the maikai off and on in the early 60s as ann campbell- it was a wonderful time of my life. it was fun to finally have the time to look at the maikai site and see my 1966 head shot as miss jan. also asmiss march 1964 on your site. i am a four time cancer survivor and am in awe at the fact i actually had a nice flat tummy once upon a time–everyone at he maikai was like family-a great group. thanks for the fun trip down memory lane–annie

  2. Annie may be a three time cancer surviver but she is still the best lookin’ woman that I know. Along with that she is also one of the nicest people I know or have known.

  3. I have seen ANN around FT LAUDERDALE and at my shows for antiques and collectibles – and now here in my new home of the past nine years OCALA FLORIDA – THE HORSE CAPITAL OF THE WORLD – I didn’t know that SHE WAS A MARVELOUS MAI KAI chick until we talked today – it hit home as the MAI KAI is where my husband TOM AND I were engaged back in the late 1960’s !! What a fab trip down MEMORY LANE – THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES –

    Come VISIT THE HEN’S NEST – hwy 40 OCALA for YOUR trip down memory lane – antiques and collectibles for every taste !!!

  4. Annie, your a pleasure to look at and talk to. Your as beautiful now as you were in the 60’s. Great pictures of a beautiful woman. Thanks for taking the time to talk at the Interstate 75 Flea Market, you always give me a lift.


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