Arnie and Chise – Rotsa Ruck – Fort Lauderdale Sheraton Lounge

I picked up this record on my trip to Tiki Eyeball. I have been dying to hear it since May. The cover is just classic. I am not sure where this Sheraton is in Fort Lauderdale. I thought it was where the Hukilau is hosted, but, that’s definitely a different building. But she does mention the Yankee Clipper on the record. Is this the building across from the ocean?

I have uploaded a nice big image of the back for your reading pleasure. I especially like that it is signed and Chise adds “I’m made in Japan.”

This week, after moving in to the new house a few months ago, I finally got the stereo hooked up and connected to the computer. This record was the first to be ripped.

UPDATE January 2022: From Deadwax:

This is Arnie Derksen and Chisé Suzuki, his Japanese wife.  According to Fort Lauderdale News night club editor Pat Brown “Chise’s English seems to be getting more fractured with each return engagement.”
Arnie Derksen was on the country music scene in the late 1950s. His roots go back to Northern Canada.  He started his musical journey in Winnipeg where was featured at the “Rancho Don Carlos”, one of the largest night spots in middle Canada at that time. He had four singles released by Decca in the USA in 1958-1959. 


The record doesn’t blow me away, but I sure wish I could have seen these guys. It really makes me wish for such a show. Arnie plays a mean guitar and Chise squeals with delite all through the show.

Here is side one:

Here’s Side 2:

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  1. Looks like it might be the Yankee Trader (not Clipper) which is farther north up the beach. Looks like the building on the left in this picture:

    The address is 321 N. Ft. Lauderdale Beach Blvd. Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33304

  2. Fantastic….I am dying to hear what this album sounds like – unfortunatley the upload has expired – is there anyway you could repost that file – I have been mesmerized by the back cover explanation of their “East meet West” sound – I can’t even begin to imagine what it sounds like.

  3. I have a copy of the Arnie and Chise album as well. Also I have several Woodie Woodbury albums.
    I currently live in Cape Cnaveral, but I am from Aiken, S.C. I make my livngs as a musician, teacher, clumnist for The Charlotte Observer, and I have a syndicated radio show, featuring R&B, classic Gospel, Rock-a-billy, Bro. Dave,etc. Also know the folks who carve the Tikis here in twon. Sounds live we have mucho similar interests, drop a line some time. the show is on Friday night at 10P.M. Go to WFIT.ORG, and that’s where it be…

  4. That is my father on the back cover of the album Jim Daughtry. That album was recorded live in 1964 and yes that is the old Sheraton. I recently found a copy of this album since through the years we lost ours.
    This trio was great back in the day traveled all over Nevada and California. My father died in 2005, Arnie is still living in California.

  5. Saw them play at neighborhood parties as a little kid. First guitar I ever touched, Arnie sent me on my lifelong guitar quests.

    1. I have found a ton of info on Arnie, but none on Jim, or Chise. I wonder if this was all a stage act, or whatever happened to either of the other two.

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