Leilani Hawaiian Rum

Many years ago at the World’s Longest Yardsale, an empty bottle of Leilani Hawaiian Rum turned up. Sven Kirsten said he has a display that held the bottle and was looking for a one to put in it. That put me on a search.

Tiki TI

At the Tiki Ti you may have seen this. It’s an “adapted” display. A few years ago I happened upon the display in mint condition. Now I was in the spot Sven has. Until last week…


Behold the Leilani Hawaiian Rum display, with a vintage, unopened bottle of Leilani Hawaiian Rum!


Yes, that state tax seal is intact. Beach Bum Berry ranks it as one of his favorite white rums. I have tasted it via a few airline sized bottles over the years. I think I will keep this seal unbroken for a long time. I love having this perfect display in the bar!

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  1. That’s like finding the Holy Grail, but….

    Scenario 1: Ten of your “friends” are over having a Tiki drink party at your house testing out the best of the Bum’s drinks. All of a sudden you run out of rum at 1:00 A.M. or so. They begin staring at at the Leilani bottle, transfixed. There is nothing you can do – nooooooooooo not the Leilani!

    Nice Score

  2. I also have an unopened bottle of Leilani rum, complete with seal. My dad enjoyed the rum in Maui in 1975 and brought a bottle back which has now been passed on to me.

    Any idea what a bottle of this rum would be worth?


  3. I have that display. Bought from an estate sale here in Tucson az. Mine is NEW without box, UNUSED mint condition. Works perfectly. Lights stobe and flash. :D The people owned a bar in hawaii in the 70’s . They said they had 4 of these, and many mugs too. but this was the only one they never used. the peely sticke things that hold the bottlle in the foot area, are intact too :D

  4. I would be interested in buying a bottle or display (or both).

    I’d love to have one to keep for my first grandbaby (Leilani) who was just born last year. What a great present to give her when she turns 21.

    Anyone interested in selling can contact me at caronbutrum@hotmail.com.

    Many thanks, Caron

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