Mai-Kai Mystery Lady Ann Campbell

I have been corresponding with former Mai Kai Mystery Lady Ann Campbell lately. Once again I cannot stress enough the importance of getting everything we can on the Internet so the generation who remembers can find it and share with us. It was thanks to my Mai Kai calendar posts that she found me.

Unfortunately, a lot of her photos and memorabilia from that time was destroyed by a varmit infestation while they were in storage. One piece she sent me really stood out to me. I had read and was told that Bob Thornton inspected the Mai Kai gals on a regular basis and even the future Mrs. Thornton was kicked off the squad for being a bit pudgy. Well, here is a bit of proof. A letter from 1965 from Bob congratulating her for being top gal, and reminding her to keep her weigh under 125…

 More to come!

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  1. That’s a great little piece of Mai-Kai history and a window into the way the world was in 1965 (incidentally, the year I was born). Too bad about the loss of the pictures and memorabilia.

  2. Annie is a great lady but her husband was on submarines and was underwater too long. A lot of us were. This is a warning.

  3. My husband and I have known Anne for 20 years or so. We can tell you that she is as beautiful inside as outside apprearance.

    We have enjoyed many wonderful times together and always anxiously look forward to the next time which hopefully will be in a month.

    We love her and Anne has been a real joy in our life.

    Carol and Ron Snyder
    Fort Lauderdale, FL

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