Grogalizer 2.0 is here

With The Bum’s new book just out and his new seminar coming up at Hukilau, it is a great time to unveil the newly redesigned Grogalizer website.

I have wanted to make it look up to date for a while and was very lucky to get Justin Bird, a Nashville artist and web designer, to completely revamp the site. His work is fantastic and what he did with the Grogalizer is revolutionary. It is nearing an iPhone app.

Check out the new design, and the new features. It has always been a fantastic tool, and now it contains the Bum’s newest recipes too!

The Grogalizer 2.0

One Reply to “Grogalizer 2.0 is here”

  1. Thank God!

    I was So Tired of Having To Use That Old Grogalizer with all of the Stains on it’s pages from All of the Drinks Made From It Previously!

    Are the pages of the New and Improved Grogalizer 2.0 made of a more Stain Proof Material? I mean… I’m gonna squirt a lime on it sooner or later.

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