Charles McKirahan – Fort Lauderdale Mid-Century Architect

If you are heading to Fort Lauderdale for Hukilau next week, you might want to take a little side trip as you drive to the Mai-Kai and see other places designed by Mid-Century master Charles McKirahan. McKirahan worked with the Thornton brothers to design the stunning A-frame of the the original Mai-Kai, and also has many surviving grand designs in the area. A couple of side turns as you go will give you the chance to see these great buildings.

Jolly Roger on A1A

As you can see (if you looked) if you turn in around Bayshore Drive before you get to Sunset, and just cruise around those streets, you’ll see lots of great mid-century places. This area was home to the first Hukilau in 2003, but we outgrew the Holiday Inn very quickly!

Some images by Agilitynut

History and preservation site to browse: HERE

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  1. This is exactly where my husband & I stay while we’re at the Hukilau. We didn’t go this year and we surely missed Fred at the Premiere Hotel. Love this place, pool was great, clean rooms, great folks and priced right for us.. TP

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