The Tiki Lunch Hour


UPDATE 3/4/2017: Tiki Centralite HopeChest realized the Tiki Bob Mainland location is now the current location of Pagan Idol. Not even the owners realized it due to a wrong street address perpetuated over time. The below image was the key!

From Rogue Magazine, November 1959 we have these images of a great idea in Tiki History, the lunch hour lingerie show! This was at the San Francisco Tiki Bob’s. This place is now closed, but the Tiki Bob support pole is still there, waiting. And you thought the Mai Kai bar gals were a little risque!

Man, dig those skull mugs!

Animal Cruelty?

dogHey, this is why we have pets! We can make them do all sorts of things for our amusement. And they like to wear clothes, for a while…

Link Via Les Jones

Dog has Toad Addiction

dog8mystashsmall.gifWhen I heard the “stay tuned” announcement for this on NPR, I thought they said the dog was addicted to “toe sucking.” That sounded very odd. When I heard the story, it just killed me. Very funny stuff. Don’t bother reading the story, just click on the listen link at the top.

Doing the Kermit with Lady

“The Haunting” – the original, very scary movie

makethumb.jpgIt’s scary movie time, and for me, there is none scarier than the original 1963 movie “The Haunting.” I saw it the first time decades ago, and it is still frightening today.

I had the rare opportunity to see this film in the theater a couple of decades ago as part of a lecture by Ed and Lorraine Warren, who are perhaps the foremost experts in the paranormal there are. I had been intrigued by the paranormal and knew a bit, but these two taught me a whole lot from their first hand experience. The slide show and lecture was chilling. I have read some of their books and they just scare the crap out of you. It’s one thing to hear ookie stories, but to meet these very serious, down to earth people and know they are not exagerating, it just gets to you. You see it in their eyes. They wish these things were not true. They have no interest in celebrity. They are hard at work for the Good.

So I learned a lot about hauntings and in particular, the fact that much of what occurs is indeed in your mind. That’s not to say there is no spirit involved, just that, you may see a window shatter, and that window is really fine. The spirits have more ability to mess with your mind than real things.

This movie keeps very faithfully to the facts of the paranormal. It is not over the top with the jumping out at you and the ooky stuff. It just paces it out, in a “natural” sort of way. The odd lesbian theme adds something strange to it all as well. These are the sorts of things you can well imagine happening to you, tonight.

Rent it if you can. Forget the new version.

For extra creepy time fun, check out the Warrens website: Warrens.net I want to go their Most Haunted Places tour one day…

New Swank Furniture

sofa We hit the antique stores today and Ms. Swanky spotted these out front of one store as we drove by. They turned out to be in perfect condition. I have never seen anything quite like them. Ashtrays built right into the arm rests! I had to have them. We have no place in our home to put them, but, one day, we will…chair

Puffer Fish Tiki Bar Lamps for sale

puffyI have been selling these on Ebay for a while, and I have now decided to start offering them directly through my website. The first one is a big one. I will add more and more of them as I have time. Click here to buy!

Cold Case File #3992 – Mai Kai tiki heist

Did I mention I am a Mai Kai geek? Forget about it being the current best tiki palace, maybe best ever. The owner(s) certainly have been and are mai kai (the best).

When it opened, it was out on its own on Highway 1. They quickly transformed the area around them to match their tropical interior. Very early on they had a few large tikis installed at the road side. Those tiki stand as sentinels to this day, except one.

Here is an image of the area in question.


To the left you see the classic Barney West tiki that was the inspiration for the Hukilau 2006 mug. But what is that one in the center? Artist’s imagination?


Here it is again in one of the more common long postcrads with a man in a suit and a woman in a red dress, lovingly caressing the mystery tiki.


And here we have a group of folks huddled around the spot where he once was, wondering just what happened. Did he ever exist? The answer is yes.

That tiki was part of the decor out front. As they widened US 1 over the years, the Mai Kai had to squeeze itself back a bit to make room for the road. I am told the big tikis were moved a few times. But the tiki in question was stone and huge. It was moved permanently some time in the night in the sixties. Someone came in with a crane and grabbed it and it was never seen again. Here is a photo for identification.


If you have seen this tiki, please call LOgan 6-1513 with any and all leads. Or email me.

Hukilau 2006 Report


Thank you dear for the drinks! Our lovely server who danced in the dinner show later.


This Hukilau was very different to me. I took a friend with me, and what that meant was that I had no obligations and was able to spend lots of time talking to and getting to know the many wonderful people that come to Hukilau. It is these very people that made the event worth doing year after year though I lost money (sometimes lots of it!) on what was essentially a year long job. The stress and work was worth having these great people come together and have such a wonderful time. I met more people by Thursday afternoon than I think I had in the previous 4 years.

It is always a great day when you can spend time in the Mai Kai, but exploring it with Otto Von Stroheim and playing around with Bamboo Ben and Holden Westland and King Kukulele in the Mai Kai is way better. Sharing it with people who love it the way I do is fantastic.


Bre-Elle as the Mermaid was a treasure.


Pablus on stage at the Mai Kai stopping everything with the power of his song and his sweet voice was amazing. I am lucky to have him come around and sing in my Hapa Haole Hideaway regularly, so I know his magic. Everybody tasted it then.


Tiki Diablo and Basement Kahuna carving

Basement Kahuna and I already have plans to make next year even better!

Rubin on Clay

When commenting on the questioning of Clay Aiken’s sexuality, Rubin Studdard said:

“Clay is a very strong guy. He always comes out on top.”

So now we know, Clay’s a top.