OXO Mini Measuring Cup

oxo.jpgMs Swanky got me the larger cup version of this item for Christmas. It is made so that you can read the measurements from the top, rather than having to squat down and peek at it from the side. I later discovered they make a small version which is marked in 1/2 ounces. This is ideal for mixing drinks.

I highly recommend you click here and get yourself one.

Happy Birthday Dad! Happy 100!

DonnOn Thursday, the father of Tiki, Donn Beach would have been 100. He created many of the great drink recipes that we all know now as “Tropical Drinks” or “Tiki Drinks.” He created what we call the tiki bar. Victor Bergeron copied him. They all copied him.

The motto for “Don the Beachcombers” is a good one: “Where good rum is immortalized and drinking is an art.”

I urge you all to toast your father on his birthday with one of the drinks he created. I will be saluting with a Navy Grog. Pablus says he’ll make a Demerara Dry Float. More recipes here.

Special night at Forbidden Island of course. Special drinks on the menu for one night only so you can toast Dad with a few of his inventions.

Thanks for the tiki! Thanks for the drinks!

UPDATE: I have been so freakin busy I didn’t get around to it unitl today, Saturday. My honey syrup was bad, so it limited my choices. I went for a Pablus favorite and made the Test Pilot. YUM! Two batches. Yes! Donnn will forgive the Trader Vic’s glass I hope…

Test Pilot on the bar

Grogalizer – Tiki Drink Mixer’s Best Friend

That, and a gift card to the liquor store…


I created the Grogalizer a few years ago because I was tired of spending lots of time thumbing through the Beachbum Berry books looking for a recipe I could make with what I had on hand.

It was a goal to make every tiki drink recipe in that book. So I had long been going through and marking a grade in the corner of each page as I made it. The Grogalizer simplified all that. You just select the ingredients you have in your bar and it tells you which tropical drinks you can make. Then you can grade them and add your comments. You can see the average vote for the drink given by everyone and see their suggestions as well. A new feature allows you to see your graded recipes from best to worst.

I use the site all the time and as I find a need, I create a solution there.

I assumed everyone already knew about this site, but, just to be sure, I am sending out this post. If you are making the recipes in these book, you need to use the site. Or, one day when you catch the mixology bug, you’ll need it then.

And if you don’t have them yet, you need to buy The Grog Log, Intoxica and Taboo Table. The new one is coming out and you are behind!

The Dorsa – St. Louis, MO

Dorsa Stage

This unearthed vintage building in St. Louis is just too incredible not to share. It’s amazing. I can’t imagine what walking through it must be like. Well, yes I can. I imagine it’s like seeing what earth used to be like in 1947 before the Apocalypse. You know, the Apocalypse.

More pictures here.

The Joys of Home Ownership

In case you have not noticed it in the comments, I wanted to just say that my life has been consumed by the new house for the last month. And it will continue for probably another month. We are getting closer to the point where we can begin to move in. The thought of moving after all the work we have done is just, oy.

I am doing a few other things as I can and have several ideas in the works. Once I emerge from this house thing, I hope to accomplish a lot of other things…

So, to keep up with my trials and tribulations, read the comments on this thread.

Tiki Calendar

Calendar siteThis is the brain-child of Ms Swanky. I have been working on the idea for some time and teamed up with Tiki Farm to produce a Calendar of Tiki, inspired by classic tiki bars and “The Book of Tiki” of course.

I hope to have sample images ready by Hukilau and the actual calendar printed and ready to go in time for 2008 buying. We think it will be a very unique and interesting calendar. Much more than just eye candy, since we will update the website each month so you can get more information about the images you see.

Tiki Calendar