Ear Candy

I thought I’d share a few sound bites today.

First one is a Hertz commercial from the 60’s. Ms. Swanky wondered how Capote got a car out in the plains as we watched “Capote” the other night. This commercial is likely around 1966 by the convertible in it, which you can’t see. Anyone know when car rental started?

Next is a vintage radio spot for Pontiac by CRC. CRC was the top jingle makers of the time. I have one of their LPs and just love it.

Now a blast from the past that some will recall, a classic Drive-In movie clip.

Frequent Grogalizer user Johntiki sent this to me. I hope it’s okay to share. It’s a 7-11 commercial for Awaawaukelele which was an island flavor. It’s preety cute and funny, and then, the ending is just great. Genius!

And, I guess I should share a real song. I put my DJ CD of Lalo Schiffrin into the car player the other day and it completely transformed the ride home from work. I love soundtrack music and Lalo was the king of detective movies in the 70s. Steve McQueen is the star for Lalo’s music. This track is Shifting Gears from Bullitt. The version on the soundtrack does not have the sound effects in it at the end that I love. I can’t find the sound effects version. But, put this on and drive around town and you feel like you are tailing someone and any moment a chase will begin or a car will pull up next to you and there will be a shotgun coming out the window. It’s a fun sensation.

Enjoy. I’m off to dig in the yard for the weekend.

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