Ms. Swanky creates great tropical blinds

Blinds before This is an image of the new bamboo blinds we got for our porch. As you can see, though they look nice, they don’t block a lot of sun and people’s eyes. We decided to keep them anyway and attach some fabric to the inside to make them more opaque. But what fabric? I thought we’d just pick some curtain material up at the fabric shop.

Last weekend we were wandering Target to see what was on sale and they had various tropical items on clearance. Ms. Swanky picks up a shower curtain and the light came on. The curtain was exactly the size of the blinds! So we grabbed two curtains on sale for $14 each.

She got a can of indoor/outdoor spray adhesive at a craft store and we went to work. First I took the blinds down and cut some wire which we used to attach the shower curtain to the bamboo rod at the top of the blinds. After re-hanging the blinds on the porch, Ms. Swanky began carefully spraying and flattening the material to the blinds.

Blinds afterWe have one done now and it looks fantastic! It blocks the sun and eyes and from the outside you can’t even see it. From the inside it fills the space with color and looks incredible. And it rolls up just fine. Can’t wait to start coordinating with these colors. 

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  1. KUDOS 2 U!!!!!!! I, too, used a shower curtain in my living room & ppl said it looked tacky–but ONLY AFTER I told them it was a shower curtain. I have a hawaiian living room :-) I can’t find curtains big enough in the style I want, nor do I want to pay the high price! Bamboo blinds are either too short or too long when the sets are doubled/tripled, etc. UGH! I thought…then the “light” came on! I bought 2 tropical shower curtains & hung them, then put up sheer/cheap curtain panels in front of them that can be tied back. LOOKS AWESOME! I’ve gotten many compliments on the look, but was put down for being cheap…oh well!!!!

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