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With Ms. Swanky in realty, we get the occasional opportunity to see some fantastic homes we can only dream about. Last weekend, the company had a get together at just such a house.

It was built in 1965-66 by a doctor. The property is a bit out of the way, but the land was chosen for the incredible view. It sits on 33 acres, so, you won’t have to worry about neighbors crowding you ever.


From the outside it has a certain modern look, but also a mountain lodge feeling. Inside there are a good many remaining touches of 1966 that just made me swoon. The porcelain and tile in the bathrooms was still mostly original and just fantastic. This, by the way, is how you date it rather exactly. Under the toilet lid of older homes is the exact date of manufacture.


There was a vintage intercom system through out the house, as well as speakers that ran to a central location to attach to a stereo.
One bedroom had a pristine drop down ironing board. And there were these small “shelf” pieces around the fireplace.
A simply lovely house with incredible potential. Built to high standards in 1966. Available with 10 acres for $890,000, or all 33 acres for $1,200,000. If you are interested in buying, email me and I can get you a tour of the place.

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  1. Hell Yeah I’m interested in buying! Unfortunately, I didn’t hit the Powerball last night.

    (Note to self… Buy Tickets!!!)

    We had a guy in these parts that got into the whole “Build a House in Such a Way That It Becomes One with It’s Surroundings” thing. He was Awesome. Of course, to this very day, only the rich and famous can afford the places that he built. I think his actually philosophy was “Build a House in Such a Way that No One Who Doesn’t Also Have Buttloads of Cash Can Even See It.”

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