Ear Candy – Bob Thompson – Mmm, Nice!

new nice

I think this is the most common record Bob put out, but it is a good one!

Download here Updated 4-29-007

Vintage Island Slide Show at Hukilau

I have been sharing a few of the images from my slide collection here on the Blather for a bit. I am going to take the set of the best slides with me to Hukilau and have a showing of them over the weekend. It will probably occur late at night, in the room in which everyone is congregating. So just look for Pablus or the giant batch of rum cocktail mixed by Basement Kahuna after the main event somewhere in the Bahia Cabana. I’ll be there with the vacation slides of a few dozen trips to the islands taken 40 years ago…

Vintage Hawaii Slide of the Week

Luau man

Ah, calling me back to old Hawaii, 1969. How old do you think she is? The style of the times means she may be 16 or 30, it’s just hard to tell.

Ear Candy – Tito Puente – Mambo on Broadway

tpcoverThe songs off this record I put on a mix CD I gave to Pablus have been some of his favorites, so I thought I’d spread this recording around.

Click here to download.

Stopping Terrorists – We already have the power…

This article makes more sense than any. Terrorists want to cause terror. We go nuts over every little thing and thus, they succeed, even when they fail i.e. the London liquid plane bombers. They were stopped and we still have to bring air traffic to a grinding halt and raise the panic level. The list of panicy non-threats is seemingly endless i.e. the arrest of the “terrorists” who had bought hundreds of cell phones to resell. Oops! They are capitalists, not terrorists!

We can never win if winning means stopping them. We can always win if winning means not changing our lives to meet their useless threats and feeding them with our hype.

I don’t mean to get all conspiritorial on ya, but, who benefits from this hightened sense of panic?

Hot Rod Hula Hop 2 – Columbus, OH

FezHot Rod Hula Hop 2 – Men in Fezes

Second year for this event was funner and more hectic than last year. We Honui brothers of the Fraternal Order of Moai recieved our fezes. Something about that is like being in gang colors, but without the danger. Belonging. All weekend I saw people in their fezes and I didn’t know them really, but I knew they were brothers. Nice.

JimThe Friday night “Feast of the Tiki Gods” was a real treat. The moment I walked in I was transported to that special tiki place I have visited many times. Great food, great friends and great drinks made by Kahiki barmaster Jim, seen here. Plus live music that was great. It’s a special thing to walk up to the musician and drop a buck in the tip jar and ask for “Henehene Kou Aka” and he tears right into it. That’s rare.

BistorThe feast was a sell out and the food really was good. As good a buffet as I have had.

HoffaAlways good to see Hoffa. He drove up from Fort Lauderdale. The man has a passion. He used to live near the Kahiki and moved to Lauderdale under condition that he be in walking distance to the Mai Kai.

hood carThis was a stand out for the car show to me. Great details and a great theme on this car.

dancerlightsLargo’s had a nice decor for the show. Fishermen and the Barnyard Burlesque were standouts for me. When are these guys coming to Hukilau?

CocktailDB has upgraded

I had not been there in a while, but wandered over looking for a recipe online. I noticed they have made nice additions to the look of the site, but a big new upgrade is the ability to scale a drink recipe. If you are making Mai Tais for 20, this is very handy. It’s smart because it not only tells you how many ounces of everything you need, but how many bottles. A great tool! Here is their Mai Tai page, which has Grenadine in it for some reason…

Lileks is Like Squares-ville

I’ve been reading the Bleat for years now and he has gone further and further into the business of being a grumpy guy and less and less being an amusing commentator on culture. He had the sense to move a lot of it to a separate blog. But today he just lost it. It sounds to me like the rantings of an “old guy” who can’t take the notion that he is a complete square. He spends a lot of words trying to discount any sort of counter culture sensibility as being stupid and has a bad habit of justifying things by pointing out that much much worse things are happening elsewhere in the world. Sort of like “Why are the namby pamby Democrats so up in arms about the goverment spying on them without warrants when North Korea has 100,000 people being tortured to death in secret prisons?” “Why get so up in arms about blacks being kept out of good schools in the 50s when Russia was killing thousands of people every month in Gulags?” Sad. That’s not an argument. Mis-direction.

I read most of the Bleat today and over and over it was just saying, this guy is really a stiff neck jerk. “How dare you rebel against a country that feeds you, Marlon Brando and James Dean!” Lileks, you are a sad old guy. Mr. Unhip. And that seems to make you crazy. You need to start allowing people to reply to your rants on your site. Dialog.

Vintage Hawaii Slide of the Week

couple small

Here is our ecstatic vacationing couple having the time of their lives. He is letting his hair down and wearing that crazy shirt neatly tucked  in his  pants. I’ve seen a lot of these types of pictures and they never cease to amuse me. This is part of a set of maybe 75 slides. Lots of scenery and a good number of old people having fun like this one above. But, there in the middle of the set is a slide that is completely out of place. It just caught me off guard. This image below was likely Grandpa’s highlight of the 1974 trip to Hawaii…

gal small

Go Grandpa! Love the tan lines! Makes me wonder. Did he dare to snap this and deal with it when they got home and she saw it? That pose! Just what are the circumstances that led to this single picture of the hot young gal???

Ear Candy – Mel Henke – Dynamic Adventures in Sound


I love Mel Henke! And who doesn’t? He is quirky and full of stereo action, plus he has an out front sense of humor in his music without being cliched. Great stuff. Most have heard “La Dolce Henke,” but maybe this LP is new to you. Warner Brothers BS 1447. It’s along the lines of Equivel’s sound scapes.

Mel Henke – Dynamic Adventures in Sound

Education in daily life for the anti-lernin’ dolts

I am very sick of adults who tell kids that education is useless. Art class? I use skills I learned in art class on a weekly basis. Because art is much more than just drawing or painting. Every sign or ad or television program is just crammed full of art. It’s everywhere! Now, you can do it badly of course, and if you don’t care how things look, you may find it useless. But if you want the sign you make for your business or yard sale to attract customers, you will likley need to draw (pun!) from your high school art education and lay out the elements correctly, balanced and level. That’s just art! Used in normal life!

The one I hear more than any other is the uselessness of Algebra in life. Please! I probably use this basic math skill daily and so do you. Of course, if you never bothered to learn math, you may not use it, but don’t handicap the next generation! Example:

A case of 12 6 ounce cans of cat food costs $3.96 for the Friskies and $8.16 for 24 cans of the Purina. Which is a better value?

Solve for X. 12X= 3.96

Solve for Y. 24Y = 8.16

Whoa. Algebra just let me save a penny a can on cat food! It’s every day life. Yes this is a simple example, but it is still Algebra. Basic math. Stop glorifying stupidity and anti-education. Stop making excuses for kids to be ignorant.

Dwarf Restaurant and Tate Motel – Really Found

I posted this topic earlier and it turns out I was wrong. Mark said he thought the Dwarf was at the corner of Merchants and Clinton Highway. That seemed wrong to me because that building looks nothing like the postcard. A reader on the Swank Forums did the research and it turns out that is one of the locations. It has been very heavily renovated!

Dwarf at Merchants


Dwarf 1 now

Here is the building now.

The poster also gave me an address for the other Dwarf Restaurant on Clinton Highway and a look at Google maps and I knew it was correct. I also recalled the buildings, as I pass the daily and it was all coming together. The address I had on the postcard was just plain wrong and sent me on a wild goose chase.


Here you see on the left, the Dwarf building and right of center, the Tate Motel office building and the cleared lot where the motel rooms were. Luckily, Google maps uses older images so this is pre-junk yard.

Dwarf Tate

Here is the best image showing the two buildings in their prime. This is in the mid-1950s and it appears the Tate did not have the office building yet. You gotta love the sign!

SignWhy a dwarf? It predates that Travelocity thing by a few decades.


dwarf tate 2Here is a later image of the Tate Motel and it looks like the restaurant is no longer the Dwarf. Also note the office building is there.

TateAnd here is a postcard of just the Tate Motel with no office. Look at the size of the trees to see this is an early image.

Tate linen

Here is a very early linen card. The roof sign attracted barn-stormers.


“Chicken in the basket” is a take off of the popular “Chicken in the Rough.”


Dwarf and Tate now

Here it is today. The Dwarf and the Tate. I didn’t bother (or dare) poke around for remnants of the past. Not much to find I am sure and they would not welcome me.

Tropical Cocktails – The Demerara Dry Float

Thanks to Traitor Vic bringing me a bottle of Maraschino Liqueur, I have a new batch of drinks to try from Beachbun Berry’s books. I checked the Grogalizer and the big favorite of the bunch was the Demerara Dry Float. That was my first choice.

2.5 ounces of lime juice. Wow. That’s a lot. I squeezed my limes and looked at the recipe again. Wow. No freakin way I am making this by the book. I was making two of them for me and the missus to sample, so I put in just 3 ounces of lime juice, along with the Lemon Hart rums and other ingredients.

As I have said before, Ms. Swanky is a tart liker. She gave the drink a solid 8 out of 10 vote. Me, I am a sour hater, so I gave the drink a solid 2. Neither of us would have added in the extra ounce of lime per drink however.

I am surprised to see this on several Tiki Central Top 10 Drink Lists. Maybe when Pablus comes over again, he and Ms. Swanky can tweak the recipe into something great for them. I’ll just watch thanks.

Terrorism – Let’s get over it

I have often said that, although it is horrible to those affected, terrorism is really a drop in the bucket. Over-reaction is the buzz today. This paper by the Cato institute should be required reading for everyone. I wish the media would get the message. But lawyers and courts make us all victims too. When was the last time anyone you knew was poisoned by a product tampered with in a store? But how many times have you started to squeeze out some mustard or pour some honey and realized you had to open it up and remove the “tamper proof seal?”

Some sort of terrorist inoculated Tylenol capsules with cyanide in 1982, killing seven people. However, that frightening and much-publicized event (it generated 125,000 stories in the print media alone and cost the manufacturer more than $1 billion) failed to inspire much in the way of imitation.

In 1982, some demented soul murdered 7 people. Since 1982, we all have been tearing through seals on every damned product under the sun, which annoys us and costs us and the product maker. It’s also likely there just to try to keep you from suing them when some other retard poisons you. That’s right. If Sue Bee honey didn’t put that seal on there and you died because a murderer put poison in your honey, you’d likely try to own their company. That’s pathetic. But that’s life in the USA. We go to war in two countries, search every shoe that comes on a plane, x-ray and feel up luggage, check for metal on people, seal all products, scare and annoy the crap out of everybody for what? Next to nothing. The terrorists have indeed won. No, they didn’t blow us all up. They just made us all so scared of a few dozen guys in the desert that we do all sorts of stupid, costly and annoying things, to ourselves and others. And, I might add, do all these things rather than help out our fellow Americans and humans. Taking money out of positive and helpful pursuits and into all sorts of things that help no one. By the USA declaring war on the terrorists, we have made them our equal. Equal? Yes. As we have not beaten them and never will. They are our nations enemy. And we can no more win against them than we can catch every person on the most wanted list or stop all people from getting hit by lightning or prevent some idiot from removing a tamper proof seal and injecting poison in the ketchup. We have declared war on a few dozen individuals, not a country. It can never end. And as long we continue to choose to fear them and plan our lives around them, they will always exist and they will always “own” us. Every time you tear that seal off your mustard, remember everything that has and continues to be wasted in the name of unwarranted fear.

UPDATE August 13th: I like this article. Something I have said all along. You can’t stop them, just inconvience them, whether it’s terrorists or high school shooters. And this article. Good fodder for conspiracy folks, but it is in the main media…  

August 16th: Nice to see more people using intelligence in this theater of terror. I wish our President had used some a few years ago before he lead us down this path. Here is a nice article by a chemistry student about the ridiculous possibility of the liquid explosives and the ridiculous idea we can stop the imaginitive terrorist.

I like this article too. It’s by a nationally recognized security expert. Sense. We need more people making sense.

Ear Candy – Peggy Lee – Ole Ala Lee


Peggy is pretty hot on this cover for sure. And she is such a cutie-pie on the album for sure. This is a very peppy and fun record and you just have to love Peggy for it. Not much more to say than that! Download it and enjoy!