Black Oak Court Motel – Found


This is the oldest card. Check out the phone number!

The postcards say it is 3 miles north of Knoxville on Highways 33 and 71. That’s all. So I really had no idea where this was. Then one day as I was driving over Black Oar Ridge on North Broadway, it hit me. That old motel I had taken pictures of before there was the Black Oak Court! How had I been so dense?


This old linen card shows the same place, for sure.

bo6Another older linen card of the same place.


bo4This chrome card looks like a different place, but maybe it’s a remodel. The classic stone facade of the 50s.



This most clear card shows the glass brick, blueish front to the rooms.



Here is is today. The buildings are still there, but overgrown. The beautiful glass brick fronts are still there on the cabin/rooms.



This view shows the cabins back there, but there is too much growth to see the fronts. I will try to get back and hike back there for more pictures.

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  1. Wow! I love things like this. I’m not originally from K’ville and live out west but those postcards sure do make me nostalgic. It’s amazing you found the place considering how it looks today. I look forward to more pictures. Thanks.

  2. This motel is a reminder of what the interstate system did to a lot of small towns across the country. It also caused the closing of many Mom & Pop restaurants, stores, etc. I remember when this motel was a successful business when the Browns were running it. Good photos.

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