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Knoxville Then & Now – Westwood Motel Kingston Pike

 I have been meaning to add this motel on Kingston Pike for a long time. We dropped in to try Archer’s BBQ and so I took some pictures and added it today. A relic of the 50s that stands today,…..

Lustron Home Update

Just a bump so you know I finally added images of this fantastic Lustron home here in Knoxville.

Etiquette for Young Moderns

Gay Head. Just sayin’.

Swanky – Knoxville’s “Tiki King” in Metropulse

 We were a bit shocked to find that Knoxville weekly indepenant paper Metropulse had made me the cover story this week. And I was very pleasantly surprised to find they did a really great job on the article that captures…..

NPR Does Hukilau and the Mai-Kai!

I was proud to share some of my Mai-Kai research at the Mai-Kai during Hukilau this year. My presentation went over well and several said it brought tears to their eyes. A good sign. There were a dozen or so…..

Cancun is in Ruins

I have been to Cancun many times. I considered it my favorite vacation spot. I worked hard to get Stephanie to make it our honeymoon spot. I had not been there in 8-10 years. Unfortunately, Cancun is greatly changed. So…..

Grogalizer is back!

After an unexpected need to move to a new server, I have been slowly getting all my sites and their parts back working. This blog is still not done. A newer version of Word Press has the feeds at a…..

Crushed Ice Made Easy: Redux

I brought up getting bags of crushed ice before in preparation for a luau. Crushed ice is as much a part of a proper tropical cocktail as fresh mint and rum. But when you are mixing for 40, it’s hard…..

Soundtracks With a Twist

I am guessing a lot of you are into the same sort of weird music I am. Lounge, but not really the normal sort of lounge. Stuff that strays just enough to give you a sly little smile. So I…..

Hukilau 2006 Report

Thank you dear for the drinks! Our lovely server who danced in the dinner show later. This Hukilau was very different to me. I took a friend with me, and what that meant was that I had no obligations and…..