Hawaii Slides

Hawaii Slides

A little NSFW image for you. Ukukeles, leis…

Vintage Hawaii Slides


Vintage Hawaii Slides

A few more of the commercial slides. You can see a big difference in color in some of these as they had become very red with age. Photoshop corrected them a lot, but they are not quite right.     

Vintage Hawaii Slides

Okay, a few more. These are from a batch of commercial slides for the tourists.

Vintage Hawaii Slides

Thought I’d share some of my vintage slides. Been a while.

Vintage Hawaii Slide of the Week – Hilton Hawaiian Village Luau

At least I think that’s where these were taken. I have a lot of pictures like this. And this. I assume you got a picture taken with a kane or wahine with your ticket. This was Mr. and Mrs. James Barry…..

Vintage Hawaii Slide of the Week – Queen’s Surf

This is a place I have seen a lot of ephemera from over the year, but not the actual place until now. The lettering on the trash can is a clue. It’s the Queen’s Surf. I love these old pictures……

Vintage Hawaii Slide of the Week – Polynesian Cultural Center

A rather dull slide, but for the tiki freaks, I pulled out a couple of details.

Vintage Hawaii Slide of the Week

Here we see Mr. and Mrs. James V. Barry on vacation in Hawaii in 1964. Fun was had. In about 150 slides from their trip, this may be the only one where she is smiling…

Vintage Hawaii Slide of the Week #2 – The Waikikian

Classic Poly Pop architecture. What’s the place to the right? Tahitian what? Update: Of course Mimi has cool pics of the Waikikian and the Tahitian Lania on her site. Thanks to Dusty Cajun for this image and the tip.

Vintage Hawaii Slide of the Week #1 – For the Mixologists

Just your typical scene of Hawai in 1964. Men in suits and skinny ties and ladies in dresses. Waiting for dinner outside the Hilton Hawaiian Village Luau. Maybe Alfred Apaka tonight. But…

Vintage Hawaii Slides of the Week

NSFW set of vintage Polynesian Maidens. The mailing address on the pack is in Hawaii, so it has some credibility, and the gals do look like islanders. A little Eye Candy to go with today’s Ear Candy. Nude with Tiki…..

Vintage Islands Slide of the Week

These images come from Tahiti. They are from the grounds of the Beachcomber Hotel, which is apparently still there, but is now the Beachcomber Intercontinental. Yeah, that’s some tikis.

Vintage Hawaii Slide of the Week – Kalua Pig

This is from a series of images showing them digging up the pig from the pit, dug next to a half empty swimming pool. I like this one because I can’t tell if the man is studying the process to…..

Vintage Hawaii Slide of the Week – Ilikai Hotel Room

Did I say week? I meant that figuratively. This is one of several images I have from the Ilikai. I have a lot of what appears to be a sort of evening torch lighting ceremony out front, and then a…..